Connectivity between Equipment and Data Platforms Creates Efficiency for Farmers.


Connectivity between Equipment and Data Platforms Creates Efficiency for Farmers.


Calgary, Alberta, February 13th, 2014 – Agri-Trend Data Corp and John Deere are creating connectivity conduits between MyJohnDeere and The AGRI-DATA® Solution.  Using John Deere’s Wireless Data Transfer technology, the firms are linking data from field equipment into The AGRI-DATA® Solution Platform to save growers time and let them analyze their data to make decisions more efficiently.


The two firms have signed agreements enabling the sharing of data between the two data systems which will create efficiencies for farmers.  “Our data team has been collaborating with John Deere for over 3 years,” explains Kevin Pattison, President of Agri-Trend Data Corp, “We now are able to provide a connection between MyJohnDeere and The AGRI-DATA® Solution.  This means information such as product application maps from planters or sprayers and yield data from the combine can move directly from the equipment to The AGRI-DATA® Solution using John Deere’s wireless data transmission technology.”


"We are very pleased that The AGRI-DATA® Solution successfully integrated our new MyJohnDeere interface into their application to enable our mutual customers to be more effective using their agronomic software of choice. John Deere is committed to increasing customer success by enabling data to be available when and where needed," said Kevin Very, Manager, Information Solutions.


The AGRI-DATA® Solution is among the first to complete the integration with MyJohnDeere. A fundamental component of the FarmSightTM Strategy introduced in 2012, MyJohnDeere is an open platform that provides customers with a complete and comprehensive solution for their data management needs. The Deere strategy of collaboration with products like The AGRI-DATA® Solution will enable data to be available when and where needed, as determined by the customer, all while maintaining John Deere's core principles surrounding data management.


“We have been in the cloud since 2001,” says Pattison, “and have been working towards this integration for a long time.  With this kind of connectivity The AGRI-DATA® Solution can provide farmers a reliable platform capable of meeting their current and future data needs which includes full precision integration including variable rate seeding, fertilizer, crop protection, irrigation and harvest data tracking.  This dovetails with the data we already track to help farmers grow the crop, sell the crop and manage the money creating a fully integrated system that is very exciting.”


To learn more about The AGRI-DATA® Solution please visit us online at www.AGRI-DATA.net or contact Chris Paterson, Marketing, at CPaterson@AGRI-DATA.net  (403) 999-7269.   


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