• Mar 19, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach®, Dave Thompson based in Wanham, AB to our growing Network!

    I was born on the sunny island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. During high school I discovered the passion for agriculture, with this new desire I went on to study my Bachelor's degree in Agronomical Engineering at the University of Ciego de Aliva in Cuba. Later, I earned my Masters in Animal Science at the Swine Research Institute in Havana Cuba. Over the years I have taught Agriculture Science to various educational levels. I worked internationally on large tropical fruit and mixed animal farms. Since moving to Canada I have worked as the Manager of Rural Development (Agricultural Fieldman, Extension Coordinator and Safety Coordinator) for one of Alberta's Municipal Districts. Also I worked as a Precision Agronomist/Safety Coordinator with Farmers Edge. I am passionate about helping producers to succeed in combining the latest science and technology to help produce food and fuel necessary to sustain Canada and the world. I am delighted and excited for the opportunity to be a part of the AGRI-TREND Network and feel confident that I will be able to provide value to my customers. I can relate to my clients as I have spent over 20 years in the industry. By interacting with producers and discussing my experience both locally and nationally, I can help producers to be more efficient and profitable. Being an Agri-Coach with AGRI-TREND is very beneficial as I can utilize the resources provided through the network of other professionals and like-minded agriculturalist to provide the best service for my clients. I will reside in the Peace Region of Alberta and British Columbia.

  • Feb 25, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® and Precision Hawk Partner to Offer First, Full Service Drone and Data Solution to Farmers

    AGRI-TREND® and PrecisionHawk today announced a partnership to offer PrecisionHawk’s leading UAV [Unmanned Aerial Vehicle] data collection, Sensing and Analysis tools to farmers across the US and Canada through the AGRI-TREND® SkyScout™ Program. 

  • Feb 23, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® Agrology USA is pleased to welcome: Therea Bayrer as AGRI-TREND® Senior Agri-Coach® based in Minneapolis, MN to our growing network!

    Theresa is originally from the mountains of Virginia; she first became interested in agriculture while helping her friends who grew tobacco to pay for their college tuition. She received her Bachelor's degree in Crop Sciences from Virginia Tech and her Master's in Plant Science from the University of Kentucky. Her research focused on the physiological responses of plants to physical stress. After school Theresa worked as a sort of "science interpreter" in marketing and sales training for a large Ag chemical company. Just prior to joining the AGRI-TREND team Theresa spent three years in the upper mid-west and Dakotas where she trained Growers and Agronomists on the use of precision applications for micronutrients and plant growth regulators. Theresa, her husband and young son currently live near the Twin Cities in MN.

  • Feb 23, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® Marketing is pleased to welcome Ryan Denis as AGRI-TREND® Market-Coach® based in Tofield, AB to our growing network

    I was raised on the family farm in Domremy, SK, where we crop 5000+ acres of canola, wheat, oats and peas. I spent 3 years at the U of S working towards a degree in Ag Business. I am currently taking classes with Olds College and will be completing my Rural Finance and Entrepreneurship Certificate in May 2015. Even though we moved to Alberta from Saskatchewan in 2007, I continue to be involved in the family farm especially on the business side of things. I spent 2 years buying grain with Viterraand spent the last 3.5 years working as a grain marketing specialist with Cargill. With my past careers, I've learned the importance of risk management and have seen first hand the benefits of a well executed grain marketing plan. I learned about this role with AGRI-TREND through a recruiting specialist. I will do well as a Market-Coach because of the passion I have for grain marketing and risk management, it is what I enjoy doing. As a Market-Coach, I will have the ability to work with AGRI-TREND's vast group of experts which will allow for granular, farm specific recommendations, the unbiased approach will also be important for my growers. AGRI-TREND's network will be available for support and guidance every step of the way, and that is what gives me confidence. The key difference is the team approach, it is important to have teammates to bounce risk management ideas off of each other. It also allows for multiple sets of eyes watching for market cues. I will continue to reside just outside of Tofield, AB and plan on servicing East Central Alberta.

  • Feb 10, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome: T.J. Knecht as AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® based in Billings, MT to our growing network!

    T.J. was raised on a family farm in Pueblo, Colorado growing corn, pinto beans, and chili peppers. He continued to work on the farm during summers until he left for college to pursue a career in agronomy. He has worked as a crop consultant intern in eastern Colorado and as a field technician intern in an agricultural lab in the Central Valley of California. T.J. graduated from Colorado State University in 2014, earning a BS degree in Soil and Crop Science and a minor in Spanish. He is currently working towards obtaining the Certified Crop Advisor designation. T.J.'s love for the West and desire to experience life in a new state drew him to Montana, where he will be working as an Agri-Coach at the Billings location of Torgerson's, LLC. He is excited for the opportunity to combine his education and experience with the tools and expertise of the AGRI-TREND network of professionals. He also looks forward to building upon the customer relationships that have been developed by Torgerson's to help growers in the Southeast Montana area be more productive. He believes utilizing the latest agricultural technology and appreciating the agroecosystem as a whole will help farmers improve efficiency and meet the growing worldwide demand for food, fuel, and fiber.

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