• Jul 29, 2010
    Learning in the Field - Summer Training Event in Strathmore, AB

    Technology changes the way that jobs are done and the results that are possible. This is no different for the agricultural industry.
    For agriculture consulting company Agri-Trend, this leads to the necessity for twice yearly training events, one in the summer and once in the winter. The most recent of which took place in the Strathmore area from July 19-21.
    The winter event is about familiarizing the Agri-Trend's group of Agri-Coaches with new technologies before the two-day Farm Forum event that the company holds in Saskatoon. This event was brought to Strathmore thanks to Matt Gosling and Premium Ag Services.
    The summer event is about getting into the fields and seeing the practical implications according to the company's CEO and founder Robert Saik.
    "It's about understanding how the crops are growing and teaching our network how to better integrate technology and knowledge," said Saik. "To help farmers grow a crop in a reliable, profitable, and environmentally sustainable manner those are the things that we're after."
    Agri-Trend, which was founded in 1997, has around 80 Agri-Coaches across Canada and the U.S.
    The company is there to help farmers and not produce and sell products.
    "We don't sell products, we don't sell fertilizers or chemicals we don't buy grain," said Saik. "Our role is really to coach farmers."
    While Agri-Trend doesn't develop its own products it does work with other companies in testing their products.
    "We are very much involved in the testing of products and we want to validate claims that people make on their products," said Saik. "More interestingly we want to do some technology stacking to see if we can take ideas that companies have and combine them in new and creative ways to help farmers."
    At this year's event there was a demonstration of the Agroplow, which was developed for deep-ripping soil, which was retrofitted by Agri-Trend to apply fertilizer at depth.
    This was the first year of the event, which was attended by Agri-Coaches, customers and interested people in the industry, in Strathmore. It has been held in Lethbridge and Brandon, Manitoba in the past with the company looking towards doing one in Ontario.
    "We like to move it around so we have a look at different soil types and different growing and climatic situations and also different crops," said Saik.
    "Agriculture is a biological system; we deal with the weather, nature and we deal with soil and plant physiology and chemistry.
    The degree to which we can be useful to farm customers is the degree to which we are able to be detectives and unbundle situations that are happening in fields.
    Whether the field is in Strathmore, Alberta or whether it's in Strathclair, Manitoba the methodology that we use can be applied no matter where you work in this world."
    Most of the demonstrations were put together by local Agri-Trend Agri-Coach Matt Gosling. The event went to three farms in two days: Bruce Farms, Twin Creek Colony and Fairville Colony.

    Josh Chalmers
    Special to the Strathmore Standard

  • Jun 18, 2010
    AGRI-TREND Agrology Welcomes Glyn Evans as a New Agri-Coach

    AGRI-TREND Agrology is welcoming Glyn Evans as a new AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach™!

    Glyn grew up on a mixed cattle and grain farm in Doe River where he still reside with his wife Stephanie and four daughters Kaitlyn, Sierra, Julia, and Lindsay. The farm now is mostly cattle, calving 250 cows in partnership with his father. He graduated from South Peace Senior Secondary in 1992 at which time he moved to Grande Prairie, and soon after, Edmonton. Glyn spent three years in Edmonton during which time he worked running equipment in the logging industry and spent two seasons playing football for the Edmonton Huskies in the Canadian Junior Football League.

    Glyn married Stephanie in 1995 and they moved to Fairview where his wife taught elementary school, and he worked drilling rigs until he decided to enroll in the Fairview College Ag Diploma Program. In 1999 Glyn graduated with a 4.99 out of 5.0 grade point average and top honors. They moved immediately to Dawson Creek where he spent the next 4 years working for Agricore in sales first, and then managing the crop inputs business. During this time, Glyn received his Certified Crop Advisor accreditation from the American Society of Agronomy.

    In September of 2003, Glyn began working for Rolla Agricultural Services where he has stayed to the present time. At Rolla Ag, he has continued to grow his knowledge of agronomy and gained a new perspective on the Ag inputs business. Glyn has learned the independent business model as opposed to the line company alternative.

    The thing he has enjoyed the most about working in the agriculture industry has been meeting and growing the relationships he has with local producers. Glyn looks forward to continuing on with these relationships in the future as an independent Agri-Coach supported by Agri-Trend Agrology.

  • May 27, 2010
    GeoSys and Agri-Trend Reach Distributorship Agreement

    AGRI-TREND Geo Solutions Inc. and GeoSys Inc. reach a mutually beneficial distributor agreement for the FarmSat Platform in Canada.  The agreement will benefit farmers, consultants, and retails in Western Canada who are involved in precision agriculture and VRT applications.

    For more information, please read the press release.


  • May 20, 2010
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  • Mar 24, 2010
    Dr. Ieuan Evans, Agri-Trend Senior Agri-Coach is Agrologist of the Year!

    On March 17th, 2010 at The Banff Conference on Agriculture, Food and the Environment, AGRI-TREND Senior Agri-Coach, Dr Ieuan Evans was honoured by The Alberta Institute of Agrology as Agrologist of The Year. He began his career in Alberta in 1975 Provincial Pathologist after six years with the University of Guelph. He gained a PhD in plant pathology from the University of Florida following his BSc (Honours) in Agricultural Botany and a BSc in Chemistry came from the University of Wales. Ieuan has pursued to make a difference in agriculture and indeed to the quality of life for all Canadians.

    His no-nonsense approach has been applied in many areas of crop and horticultural production. In his career he has tackled bacterial ring rot in potatoes, Dutch elm disease, black leg in canola, copper deficiency in cereals and a host of other major crop issues. In fact, twelve of the twenty six named pests and diseases in the Agricultural Pests Act are there as a result of Dr. Evans’ foresight and tireless efforts.

    He has worked at the academic and the field level and has been very involved with The Agricultural Service Boards support of The Agricultural Fieldmen Service. After 35 years of service with Alberta Agriculture, Dr Evans joined as a Senior Agri-Coach™ with Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd. Today Ieuan is still very active educating on disease issues, as well as copper and crop nutrition and running the bio-assay service for Agri-Trend. In addition to his consultation services, he provides training and support to the entire Agri-Trend Network which works directly with farm customers across Canada and the Northern US.

    Ieuan has a passion for horticulture and is a renowned Lily breeder and has recently been teaching gardening courses of Hutterite colonies across Western Canada. He is a rugby fanatic and helped to establish the sport in Canada and has been a Professional Agrologist for thirty-one years. Dr Evans makes his home in the Devon area when he is not speaking or teaching at farm events.

    Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd
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