• Jul 4, 2011
    AGRI-TREND GEO Solutions Welcomes John Trenholm as Program Sales Support!

    John lives on an acreage in the Olds, Alberta area. With a farm background in grain and livestock, John spent 20 years working for an independent fertilizer and chemical business in the central alberta area. He started as an operator and later moved into Agronomy Support and Sales throughout the business growth and was responsible for new location startup support. During this time he obtained his CCA and agriculture industrial pesticide applicators license.

    For the past 10 years John has been working as the lead agronomy manager, chemical applicator, and equipment operation and maintenance manager for a large farm near Torrington, Alberta. He also was the Pioneer seed representative for the area. His hands on experience in the farm operations involved precision VRT applications, zone soil sampling, and yield mapping.

    John’s experience and skills will be utilized with Agri-Trend to support the growth and service of Agri-Trend Precision Management customers. His passion for agriculture, it’s advancing technologies, and the ability to make and hold strong customer relationships will be valued as our business continues to grow. He will focus on these strengths for the growth of Geo-Coaching businesses and the connections they bring with Agri-Coaches and value to the farm customers

  • Apr 6, 2011
    Agri-Trend Agrology and UFA Announce Agri-Coaching Partnership to provide Enhanced AgriBusiness Services to UFA Farm Members

    Agri-Trend Agrology is pleased to announce a new partnership with UFA.

    UFA members can receive expanded agrology services through a network of Agri-Coaches to help them grow and maintain profitable farm businesses.  While helping UFA with their goals, this unique partnership creates a valuable “business builder strategy” for existing Agri-Coaches by enabling them with showcase their abilities and the power of the Network to a potential long-term customer.

    Initially, this will positively affect Agri-Coaches in close proximity to the local UFA Farm and Ranch Supply stores at Brooks, Strathmore, Red Deer, Stettler, Provost, Camrose and Vermilion.  We expect new Agri-Coaches to quickly join in UFA supply store areas not currently fully exposed to Agri-Coaching services.  Stepwise expansion to other locations is planned for 2012 and 2013.

    “We are really pleased with this partnership with UFA; it provides many opportunities for the parallel goals of Agri-Coach and Agri-Trend Agrology's business growth.  Further, it will expand our network of farm customers and create a tremendous level of awareness around the great work Agri-Coaches are doing with the support provided by Agri-Trend Agrology.”

    Elston Solberg, President

  • Mar 17, 2011
    Agri-Trend® and John Deere Dealerships formalize Precision Farming Alliance




    Thursday, March 17th, 2011 (Red Deer, AB)

    Agri-Trend® and John Deere Dealerships formalize Precision Farming Alliance

    The Agri-Trend Group of Companies have agreed to a channel distribution agreement with several major John Deere dealerships enabling them to enhance their precision farming services to farmers.

    Beginning with The Precision Management Process™ which is a fully integrated mutli-product, precision ag program, Agri-Trend will extend its services including its agrology processes, through selected John Deere dealerships by supporting and expanding their capability. The alliance will mean that Agri-Trend will train and support in-house dealership personnel who will work directly with farmers and will provide a linkage between technology, equipment and agronomics.

    “This business arrangement builds on each other’s strengths.” Explains Peter Lacey, CEO of Cervus Equipment Corp. “As a group of John Deere Dealers, we will leverage Agri-Trend’s extensive knowledge base to help farmers implement new technologies now available in John Deere equipment. We respect the work that Agri-Trend has done over the past decade and believe they are the right group to provide leadership to farmers seeking to implement precision farming techniques.”

    Robert Saik, CEO of Agri-Trend adds, “This alliance will make it easy for a farmer to adopt variable rate application, merge layers of yield maps with soil zones or use GPS information to drain a field. Agri-Trend will provide the expertise through an expanded Network of Geo-Coaches™ and Agri-Coaches™. The John Deere expertise will provide equipment and technology necessary to make these ideas come to life in the field.”

    “For example, Agri-Trend Geo Solutions Inc has successfully integrated satellite and aerial imagery with John Deere’s GS2 and GS3 variable rate sprayers to create prescription pesticide maps based on in-season vegetative intensity.” says Saik.

    The John Deere dealerships involved in the channel arrangement to date include Agro Equipment (Alberta), Farm & Garden (Saskatchewan), JayDee Agtech (Saskatchewan), Maple Farm Equipment (Saskatchewan), Martin Deerline (Alberta), Prairie Coast Equipment (Northern Alberta and British Columbia), South Country Equipment (Saskatchewan) and Premier Equipment (Ontario).

    The new service offering will be launched this spring with a series of information meetings and training sessions. This summer additional capability will be added and show-cased through summer tours and field events.

    For more information please go to



    About The Agri-Trend Group of Companies

    The Agri-Trend Group, a privately held organization headquartered in Red Deer, Alberta, was founded in 1997 with the single purpose of helping farmers make better decisions to become more profitable.

    Today there are five operating companies; Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd (production consulting), Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc (agricultural carbon offsets credits), Agri-Trend Marketing Inc (strategic market consultation for farmers), Agri-Trend Data Corp (agribusiness data platform development) and Agri-Trend Geo Solutions Inc (geo and technical support for farmers). These operating companies have subsidiary operations in Canada, USA and Australia.

    This project will be led by Warren Bills, President of Agri-Trend Geo Solutions Inc.

    For more information on The Agri-Trend Group of Companies go to or

    call Warren Bills 403-874-3848



  • Feb 8, 2011
    NEW - Risk Management Insurance

    The Production Cost Solutionis a multi-peril, private revenue based risk management solution that is available to a select, qualified and limited number of Western Canadaian Farmers. 

    Global Ag Risk Solutions (GARS) has determined that farmers that best use seed, fertilizer and crop protection are lower risk than other farm managers.  Therefore, feeling that 'Superior Farm Managers' are deserving of lower insurance rates. They do this by offering coverage to those whos financial track records verify their management capability.

    The Production Cost Solution will provide you with customized coverage protecting those crop inputs PLUS a margin.  So, if you have a $150/ac in crop inputs plus a margin coverage of $100/ac (maximum) your insurance would provide a multi-peril coverage of $250/ac to prevent erosion of your margin.

    So, for roughly the price of hail insurance, you can be protected against hail, frost, heat, drought, flood or other factors that erode crop revenue and eat into your margin.  Meaning, anything that has an impact on reducing revenues below the selected margins will trigger a pay-out.

    This is the first private product (underwritten by a major canadian insurer) to tackle this issue head-on by selectively working with the BEST farm managers - kinda like Grey Power automobile insurance (in other words, you don't carry your neighbours).

    This concept is a combination of the AgriStability program, provincial crop insurance, hail coverage and private business plans. 

    Space for this program is limited as GARS will only be taking on 400 qualified farmers this year on to the program, so call us now!

    Please click here to view a video of Rob Saik, Agri-Trend CEO,  discussing this new program.

    For more information, any questions or to qualify for this program, please contact Crystal Hill at or by phone at 877-276-7526.

  • Feb 4, 2011
    Agri-Trend Geo Solutions Inc. was named Winner of an Ag Innovations Award!

    Agri-Trend Geo Solutions Inc. (ATGSI) was named a winner of an Ag Innovations award at the Agri-Trade Exposition in Red Deer, Alberta. ATGSI’s Variable Rate Pesticide program was the recipient of the award for its innovative approach to new technology. High resolution in-season imagery combined with prescription maps and variable rate application equipment allow producers to apply pesticides on field areas with the highest risk of losing yield while saving money on inputs by not applying them where they are not needed.

    "We are honoured to be recognized by the Ag Innovations award for our Variable Rate Pesticide program. We are using leading-edge precision farming technology to help producers be more profitable, while minimizing environmental effects of their operations,” said Warren Bills, President of Agri-Trend Geo Solutions Inc.

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