• Oct 25, 2011
    AGRI-TREND Agrology Welcomes New Agri-Coach, Chris Baan!

    Chris was raised on a mixed farm near Punnichy, Saskatchewan. He attended University of Saskatchewan and graduated with a BSA Crop Science in 2000 and later in 2007 with a Master of Science in Soil Science.
    Chris participated in an Ag exchange trip to a Holland dairy farm and later spent some time working in the Australia Ag industry while travelling. Chris has spent time as an organic farm inspector and also had a stint teaching soil conservation and soil fertility classes at Lakeland College in Vermillion, AB.
    Chris is currently a member of the Paterson Grain team as an Professional Agrologist. He is enjoys working with the Agri-Trend team and Paterson at the same time.
    Chris feels his relationship with Agri-Trend will expand his own knowledge and provide producers with an unmatched level of service and support.


  • Oct 25, 2011
    AGRI-TREND Agrology Welcomes New Agri-Coach, Laurie Manshrek!

    Laurie brings 25 years of industry experience in agriculture to the Agri-Trend Network. In 1984, Laurie graduated from the U of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. She went on to work with Monsanto Canada for the next 10 years as a sales representative. During her time with Monsanto she worked in the Interlake of MB and the Winnipeg South territory. In 1988, Laurie moved into Southwest corner of MB. While with Monsanto, Laurie received two separate Achievement Awards and a Master Sales Award. In 1994, she retired from Monsanto after the birth of her 3rd child wanting to spend more time with her young family.

    Over the next nine years she worked in the industry from home;2 years with the Assiniboine Community College revamping their Pesticide Applicator and Dispenser courses and 7 years with a consulting group based out the US “Context Network” working on various projects for the major Ag Chem Manufacturers.
    In December of ’03, Laurie returned to the Ag industry full time when she was asked to manage an Ag Chem retail in Melita, MB. In March of 2007, that retail became a Paterson Grain – Crop Inputs Location and Laurie was able to step into a Sales Agronomy position that enabling her to spend a more active role with her customers and helping them meet their agronomic needs. Fall of ’09 has brought in another change in that Paterson Grain recognizing the growing challenges of and demands on growers to achieve their goals has joined forces with Agri-Trend Network allowing Laurie to become an Agri-coach to help growers keep pace with the changing Ag industry and achieve maximum returns from their farms.

  • Oct 13, 2011
    AGRI-TREND GEO Solutions Inc. Welcomes New Geo-Coach, Ryan Goodwin!


    Ryan Goodwin grew up on a grain farm near McCord, Sk as the middle child of 5. While growing up, he enjoyed sports, motorbikes, camping and being involved in the farm. Ryan, along with his dad and older brother continue to operate the family farm. Upon graduation from high school, Ryan spent several years working as a farm hand on several grain farms across the province, custom spraying in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, hauling grain in the winters and working ag retail.

    After several years working, Ryan turned his focus to education where he attended the University of Saskatchewan and obtained a diploma in agriculture with an agronomy major and then a degree in agriculture with a major in agronomy and a minor in ag business. While attending university, Ryan worked for several grain companies focusing on expanding his knowledge of agronomy. Upon graduating university, Ryan spent time working in agronomic consulting, farming, and more recently, in GPS sales and consulting. It was in this role where Ryan expanded his knowledge and interest in ag technology. Seeing how embracing technology has changed his family’s, and others’ farms, has pushed Ryan to seek out a role where he is able to help other farmers utilize the advanced equipment that is available to increase efficiency and productivity of their farms. He sees that incredible opportunities available in the future and is excited to be a part of this area of agriculture.

    When not working, Ryan enjoys just about anything that involves his two sons, Eli, who is two and Will who is ten months old. Next to his family and farming, Ryan’s other main interest is aviation. Ryan holds a private pilots license and enjoys flying, talking about flying, or dreaming about flying.

    He will work with and support South Country Equipment John Deere clients and surrounding coaches and their clients.




  • Aug 3, 2011
    AGRI-TREND Marketing Inc. Welcomes New Market-Coach, Douglas McGregor!

    Douglas was raised in Manitoba and spent over 30 years in the grain business as a Risk Manager. After business school, he started with United Grain Growers in various positions in the country. Douglas then moved to head office joining the Terminal and Grain Marketing Division. Here he became a grain trader and eventually Manager of North American Marketing for wheat, grain and by-products.

    Douglas joined Benson-Quinn/ADM in Winnipeg as trading manager and then accepted a position with Bunge North America as Director of Marketing as their transfer elevator on the St. Lawrence River. He returned to Winnipeg about seven years ago to open a Western Canada trading office for the London Agricultural Commodities Inc. The last few years he has been an advisor to farmers assisting them in grain marketing and risk management.

    In his new role with Agri-Trend, he looks forward to assisting clients to achieve their farm operation goals for profitability and minimizing risk.

  • Aug 3, 2011
    AGRI-TREND Marketing Inc. Welcomes New Market-Coach, Michael Ferguson


    Michael grew up just like any other farm kid near Star City, SK and really took a grasp on farm and financial management while growing up. After high school he made the move out to Edmonton, AB to pursue and further his education in the financial markets and risk management.

    From this education he became aware of how much marketing grain and the variety of business strategies has revolutionized the agriculture industry. After the completion of his diploma he traveled to Australia to custom combine and allowed himself an experience of a lifetime to see different markets and views from another side of the world.

    When Michael arrived home, he worked for Farm and Garden Centre as Turf Manager in Melfort, SK. Dealing with farmers on a day to day basis made him realize that there is a void between the average farmer and the complexity in markets.

    Michael is now eager to work with individuals to maximize their profits, help educate and improve marketing skills on farms while overcoming the challenges associated with farming.

    Bright insights on the agriculture industry will not pay bills, but risk management and expertise marketing will!


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