• Apr 4, 2013
    AGRI-TREND Agrology Welcomes New Agri-Coach, David Renkas, to Our Network!

    David was born and raised in Ituna, SK, and graduated from the U of S in 2001, majoring in Agronomy. Upon graduation, he went straight into the business, hired on as an agronomist with Prairie North Coop in Melfort. During his time with the Coop, he obtained his P.Ag. status, through the Sask Institute of Agrologists. In 2005, David was promoted to overall Crop Input and Petroleum Manager. He continued in that role until April of 2013, when his commitment to his growers drew him back into the agronomist role. David is now looking forward to a one on one relationship with his farm clients. He joined AGRI-TREND to plug into the huge AGRI-TREND Network, and to gain access to the Senior Agri-Coaches.


  • Mar 26, 2013
    AGRI-TREND USA Welcomes New Senior Agri-Coach, Will McCarty to our Network!

    Will grew up on a small farm in east central Mississippi. At Mississippi State University he earned a BS in Agronomy-crops, an MS in Agronomy-soils and a Ph.D. in Agronomy-Seed Technology minoring in Plant Physiology.

    From 2003 until his retirement in 2008, Dr. McCarty served as the Associate Director of the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

    Prior to his administrative assignment, he served as the Mississippi’s Extension Cotton Specialist and as Extension Leader of the Department of Plant and Soil Science. He served and provided leadership to that position for over decades and was both nationally and internationally recognized for his knowledge of cotton production. He is trained, experienced and possesses qualified expertise in cotton science, technology and production. His education and experience fosters his knowledge of soils, soil fertility, cultural practices, weed management, insect and disease management, plant nutrition and crop physiology. His training and experience in the areas of seed technology adds to his insights, especially in cotton production.

    Will served on the numerous National and State Committees and Boards and served as the Executive Vice President of the Mississippi Agricultural Industry Council. Dr. McCarty was respected by growers and his pears and has been awarded numerous prestigious awards for excellence and service. He authored numerous publications, popular press articles and participated in popular farm radio programs

  • Mar 26, 2013
    AGRI-TREND USA Welcomes New Senior Agri-Coach, Bradford Brown to our Network!

    Brad Brown was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California. He received a BS in Soil Science from the University of California at Riverside in 1973, an MS in Soil Fertility at the University of California at Davis in 1975, and completed a PhD in 1985 at Utah State University in Soil Science and Biometeorology. He worked 37 years for the University of Idaho at the Parma Research and Extension Center in southwest Idaho. As an Extension Soil and Crop Management Specialist, his research in soils and plant nutrition involved (1) the evaluation and development of soil and tissue tests for determining irrigated crop fertilizer requirements, particularly nitrogen, and (2) development of fertilization and cultural practices which maximize nutrient use efficiency for optimum returns while minimizing adverse effects of fertilizers in the environment. Brad worked with several irrigated crops over 37 years including wheat, barley, triticale, oats, field corn, sweet corn, sweet corn seed, mint, onions, potatoes, sugar beets, alfalfa, alfalfa seed, and dry beans. His wife and him reside near Parma, Idaho on 5 acres, less than half of which are farmed. He enjoys exploring new areas and camping and hope to expand his knowledge in geomorphology in retirement.

    Brad was approached with this opportunity by Toby Goodroad who saw him present a regional presentation and was also recommended by other Agri-Trend coaches in the PNW. The association with Agri-Trend is appealing as it will allow him to continue to work in his chosen discipline in which he maintains an abiding interest. Since now retired, the position also appeals because it is likely only part-time allowing him to pursue other interests. Brad enjoys educating producers, agricultural practitioners, Extension and natural resource agency personnel, and thinks his extensive research and extension experience will be useful. Brad looks forward to working with other Agri-Trend coaches that he had productive associations with in the past. The Agri-Trend model of not representing any particular company’s product is also agreeable. He will continue to live in the home he has had since 1985

  • Mar 18, 2013
    AGRI-TREND Agrology Ltd Welcomes New Agri-Coach, Shanna Schroeder!

    Shanna grew up on a mixed farming operation near Dundurn, SK. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and graduated with a B.Sc. in Agriculture, majoring in Crop Science, minoring in Animal Science. She worked with Ag Canada for a summer, and then moved on to the Plant Breeding department of Bayer CropScience where she chose to remain for several years, working both in Saskatoon and Australia developing InVigor hybrids. After a year in Lethbridge, Alberta she relocated with her husband in 2003 to Manitoba to take over her husband’s family cattle operation. Her husband, Keith, is a large animal veterinarian and they have since expanded the farm to include an export qualified embryo transfer facility. Shanna has been working with Ryan Immerkar of RSI Agri-Coaching out of Swan River, Manitoba for the past 3 years and looks forward to many more.

  • Feb 19, 2013
    AGRI-TREND USA Welcomes New Senior Agri-Coach Fritz Koppatschek!

    Fritz is a first generation American. His folks immigrated to the US in the 1950s from Germany. He grew up working on farms and grew his first corn crop when I was in 9th grade. Fritz killed most of the corn by putting the fertilizer to close to the seed. He is currently the President of ABG Ag Services, an ag research and consulting company with locations in Indiana and South Dakota. Our company conducts over 150 research trials on most Midwestern crops. Types of research trials include agrichemical efficacy, fertility, seed and pest trials. They also conduct many early-phase, regulated-biotech trials. In addition to contract research, they conduct training and precision ag work in the area of remote sensing. Fritz has given talks about many agronomic topics throughout the US and Canada. He enjoys helping others better understand agriculture.

    Prior to ABG Ag Services, Fritz was a Congressional Science Fellow for the American Society of Agronomy. In that position, he worked for US Senator Tom Daschle, as a legislative assistant for the Research and General Legislation subcommittee of the US Senate Ag Committee. Fritz also worked as a technician for Monsanto in St Louis. His work at Monsanto included growing weeds and working with radioactive surfactants.

    Fritz  am married to Cindy Koppatschek. Cindy is from Three Hills, Alberta and her family farms in that area. They have three children, Clayton, Sage and Brooke (soil, plants and water). They are very involved in sports and our local church. His family enjoys the outdoors and being together. They travel to Alberta several times a year.

    Fritz looks forward to helping as a Senior Agri Coach. He has have knowledge of agrichemical, tillage, pest control, environmental and policy issues. Fritz likes to learn and help others understand complex topics.

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