• Sep 25, 2012
    AGRI-TREND Agrology Ltd. Welcomes New Agri-Coach, Clark Krantz!

    Clark recently retired from teaching Agriculture Education/FFA Advisor at School District 5 in Kalispell Montana for 25 years. Born and raised in Montana he lives on a small farm producing cattle, sheep, and hay. Clarks’ wife Adele is the Flathead County Treasurer. They both spend their free time with their kids, and doing family activities.
  • Aug 24, 2012
    AGRI-TREND GEO Solutions Inc. Welcomes New Geo-Coach, Kyle Adler!

    Kyle is from Evansville, IN in the southwest corner of the state. He originally grew up on a small dairy farm, but spent most of his time doing excavation work with his uncle. In his spare time he enjoys bow hunting, waterfowl hunting, hiking and watching as much football as possible. He attended Murray State University in Western Kentucky and studied precision farming. While at Murray State University he met Barry Carson the president of Hutson Inc. and worked part time on his local row-crop farm. This turned into a fulltime position as an AMS specialist. When Hutson Inc. became a partner with Agri-Trend he decided to pursue a Geo-Coach position. Kyle looks forward to helping farmers get the most out of their VRT equipment.

  • Aug 20, 2012
    AGRI-TREND Marketing Inc. Welcomes new Market-Coach®, Bob Barton!

    Bob graduated from the School of Agriculture at U of S in 1977 majoring in soil science and ag economics.

    His work experience:
    Fertilizer representative with Cominco Ltd. – now Agrium Managed the Co-op Implements dealership in Yorkton till Co-op Implements left Western Canada.
    Worked with United Grain Growers as Sales Manager for Canora Territory.

    Location General Manager with Agricore United in Cupar. Grain Marketing Coach with Cargill for Eastern Sask and Western Manitoba.
    Businesses Owned and operated: 1200 acre grain farm from 1973 to 1996.
    Tonnar Land and Grain 1989 to 1990. Brokered grain into Alberta & USA and managed land leases for absentee landlords.
    Bob has extensive experience in grain farming and grain procurement & handling. During his years with Cargill, he has been involved in the development of the Grain Marketing Services a division of Cargill’s Knowledge Based Products.

    Bob has enjoyed hiscareer in Agriculture and looks forward to future developments in it. He appreciates the complexity and movements of the grain markets. Bob enjoys the challenges of working with producers to market their grain in an always moving world market.

  • Jul 31, 2012
    Substantial Yield Losses in Wheat from Aster Yellows Disease Anticipated


    Tuesday, July-31-12

    Substantial Yield Losses in Wheat from Aster Yellows Disease Anticipated

    Prairie farmers may experience disappointment in wheat yields and quality due to an unusually high infestation rate of disease commonly seen in canola now impacting wheat and other prairie crops.

    Dr. Ieuan Evans, Pathologist and Senior AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® has confirmed the widespread infection of Aster Yellows in wheat and other crops.

    “It is not uncommon to find Aster Yellows in canola most years. However, this year the infection rates in canola are as high 10-40% in many areas.” Says Evans, “However, our Agri-Coach professionals began to notice unusual disease symptoms in wheat fields adjacent to infested canola fields together with very high levels of leaf hoppers.”

    In infested wheat fields the disease has taken the form of yellowish to reddish foliage along with premature dying of randomly scattered wheat plants at anthesis or early milk stage. Areas such as Swan River, MB and the northeastern corner of Saskatchewan have up to 30-40% of bleached or dying heads observed in wheat fields infected with Aster Yellows. The symptoms have also been observed in central and northern Alberta. This will likely result in significant yield loss.

    Diseased wheat, barley and canola samples gathered throughout the prairies by Agri-Coach field personnel have been confirmed positive for Aster Yellows in tests performed CFIA approved laboratory Phyto-Diagnostics Ltd run by Dr. Peter Ellis. Additional samples are being forwarded to Agriculture Canada personnel for testing.

    “It is felt that this year the Aster Yellows infestation occurred as a consequence of unusually high levels of leaf hoppers arriving in prairie Canada from the US in mid-May to early-June. Early spring tests of the leaf hoppers by Manitoba Agriculture confirmed higher than normal levels of phytoplasmal infection. The Agri-Trend field tours continue to reveal very high levels of leaf hoppers and phytoplasmal infections.” Comments Evans, “Additional reports are now coming in from the Agri-Trend Network of infections in flax and barley.”

    For more information contact:

    Elston Solberg, President

    Senior Agri-Trend® Agri-Coach®

    Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd


  • Jun 25, 2012
    AGRI-TREND Agrology Ltd. Welcomes new Agri-Coach®, Mark Truster!

    Mark has spent his professional career in various roles within Indiana agriculture. Roles in agronomy, farm drainage, agricultural lending and risk management provide him a broad base of experiences and skills.

    In 1986, Mark founded Ag Excel, Inc. Ag Excel, an independent agronomic consultation firm, provided advice to grain producers, livestock producers and municipalities. The areas Mark specialized in were soil health and fertility, crop diagnostics and the stewardly land application of livestock and municipal waste. In 1996, Mark moved into site specific technology and employed GIS technology in soil sampling protocols as well as the development of site specific fertility recommendations. Mark has worked to serve farmers on about 40,000 acres in 4 counties of central Indiana.

    Mark looks forward to being part of the Agri-Trend network to draw on the vast experience of the members in order to move agronomy in central Indiana to the next level.

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