• Apr 24, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome: Chelsey Schafer as AGRI-TREND® Geo-Coach® based in New Rockford, ND to our growing network!

    Chelsey grew up on a farm, feedlot, cow/calf operation that also included a Purina Feeds Dealership in Central North Dakota, near New Rockford; while growing up she was heavily involved in 4-H, FFA, numerous other organizations through school, as well as horse and livestock showing. Upon graduation from high school in 2011, Chelsey began studies at North Dakota State University in Fargo. She majored in Agriculture Economics and received her Bachelor's degree in December 2013. While attending college, Chelsey worked as a secretary for a Crop Consulting company and continues to be involved with the family operation to this day. Currently, she is employed with Gooseneck Implement. With an understanding of the agriculture industry, she hopes to help farmers look at farming smarter rather than harder in years to come.

  • Apr 23, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND® Farmer Agri-Coach®, Kurt Winny to our growing Network!

    Kurt grew up on the family farm just east of Rosetown, SK. He's been helping father Jim Winny for as long as he can remember, and will now help out as the Winny Farm Agri-Coach. The Winnys have been typically growing wheat, canola and lentils, so Kurt is excited to enhance their processes. Kurt graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2014 with a Diploma in Ag Business. He is convinced he will be successful because of his passion for agriculture, along with the high-level expertise of the AGRI-TREND® Network and Senior Agri-Coaches. He is no stranger to hard work, and has a willingness to learn. Kurt's headquarters will be on the south farm.

  • Apr 17, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND® Market-Coach®, Shelby Hilderman to our growing Network!

    Shelby grew up in West St.Paul, MB where he spent over 10 years on a cow/calf farm in the Ashern area. After graduation, he and his wife Michelle moved back to West St. Paul to focus on building their own farm. Shelby currently lives on five acres of AG land which is also home to horses and four large dogs. He was involved in the Dolly Bay 4H Club for many years. He continues to have contacts in all departments that have to do with producers. From seed and crop individuals to Ag equipment dealers, livestock farmers, and fertilizer dealers, Shelby knows who to call. He found AGRI-TREND® through the years of grain trading done by his father and the relationship he had built with Derek and Brian. Shelby is very excited to be a part of the AGRI-TREND® team and feels he'll be an asset to each of his customers. There is a superior marketing team at AGRI-TREND® and Shelby knows this is a life changing experience.

  • Apr 17, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach®, Stephane Rouire to our growing Network!

    Stephane was born and raised in St.Claude, MB, and from an early age he has been involved in the crop inputs family business R-WayAg. He is a recent graduate of U of M with a Diploma in Agriculture, and has become one of two agronomists at R-WayAg. Steph and his dad Guy worked with former Agri-Coach Chris Hawkins, and have always known Steph would be joining the AGRI-TREND® Network, once completed university. Steph knows he will do well as an Agri-Coach because of his passion for agronomy and being out in the field. He is hungry to learn the science behind growing crops. R-WayAg purchased an old Patterson fertilizer facility a couple years back, and has just recently built a brand new fertilizer shed on their property. Now that they have the capability, Steph wants to gain expertise from the AGRI-TREND® Network and help local farmers grow better, healthier crops. When asked what the single most important reason for joining AGRI-TREND® was, Steph said, "the Power of the Network!" As there are so many diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, Steph can get solid answer quickly which will benefit his customers.

  • Apr 17, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND® Farmer Agri-Coach®, Eric Pateman to our growing Network!

    Eric grew up on the family grain farm close to McAuley, MB. He played hockey in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League and for the Mankota Mavericks in University Division 1. Eric now manages a 17,000 farm for a land investor, along with his wife Melissa. This number includes 4,500ac of the original family farm. He is also involved in a 200 head cow/calf cattle operation. Eric is really looking forward to the Power of the AGRI-TREND® Network, and is most excited to get PowerZone on all the fields. Working with a competitor has left him unsatisfied, and he's looking forward to working with AGRI-TREND® to tighten up zones.

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