• Aug 5, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome: Beau Thomas AGRI-TREND® Junior Agri-Coach® based in Inverness, MT to our growing network!

    I grew up south of Spokane, WA on a small farm and worked for larger farmers in the area while growing up through high school and part way into college. I attended Freeman High School and graduated in 2007. I was heavily involved with Boy Scouts throughout my childhood and did obtain my Eagle Scout. After which I had intentions of pursuing a medical career, but changed my mind after job shadowing and had a change of heart. Then I returned to my roots in agriculture shortly after graduating college, in 2012, by working at a CHS co-op. After working there for a short time, I was introduced to AGRI-TREND by Josh Van Wechel. Since being introduced to AGRI-TREND I have moved to Inverness, MT and will be working with the Montana Agri-Coaches.

  • Jul 28, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® Agrology USA is pleased to welcome: Parker Edgington as AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® with Van Wall based in Keystone, IA to our growing network!

    Parker was born and raised on a small family farm West of Osceola, Iowa where his family raised alfalfa, corn, and soybeans along with hogs, and a cow-calf herd. Parker was actively involved in all aspects of the farming operation. After high school Parker went to Iowa State University where he received a degree in Agricultural Business and a minor in Agronomy. While at Iowa State Parker was an active member of the Ag Business club. Parker graduated from ISU in May of 2009. After college Parker went to work in the northeast quarter of Iowa for an independent soil sampling and crop scouting company until joining VanWall Equipment and AGRI-TREND. Parker feels that his work experiences have been invaluable and will make him a great fit for the AGRI-TREND network. Parker learned about AGRI-TREND through a career posting with VanWall Equipment. Parker is very passionate about precision ag and along with his passion and drive he will be able to help farmers make better, more informed decisions in all aspects of agronomic production; most of all to their bottom line. Parker, his wife Paige, children Rylan and Aubrey are planning to relocate to Altoona, Iowa sometime in the next couple months.

  • Jul 22, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® Agrology is pleased to welcome: Nikki Szakaly as AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® based in Red Deer, AB to our growing network!

    I grew up on a grain farm in Wheatland County but have a secret passion for cattle. As a young adult I very active in the community, doing everything from fast pitch to hockey to 4H. After high school I toured New Zealand for 3 months before coming back and attending Olds College. At the college I spent lots of time working on various student boards and committees such as the Aggies Club and the Student Board of Directors. After College I started working with CPS as a crop advisor and am currently completing my CCA and AIA designations. I am now living on a farm in Central Alberta and look forward to joining the team of AGRI-TREND professionals!

  • Jul 21, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® Agrology is pleased to welcome: Kyle Puchala as AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® with PREMIUM AG Solutions Inc based in Carstairs, AB to our growing network!

    Growing up in the City of Calgary, it was not until after high school when I had the opportunity to be exposed to the rural lifestyle and agriculture. I attended Olds College where I completed a diploma in Rural Land Use Planning. Developing a passion for the preservation of agriculture land, I applied to the University of Lethbridge to pursue a degree in agriculture. As a recent graduate, I am very excited to be a part of such a rewarding industry, while continuing to expand my knowledge and skills within Premium Ag and AGRI-TREND.

  • Jul 9, 2014
    The AGRI-DATA Solution™ is pleased to welcome: Ben Allen as Chief Revenue Officer based in Austin, TX to our growing network!

    Ben grew up in Davenport, Iowa, where John Deere (headquartered across the river), farming, and the family business of commodity trading were big influences in his life. After graduating from Iowa State University, he returned to the family business where he worked as a trader, advisor, and sales leader for RWA Financial Services, Inc., focused on hedging services for large family farms. In 2002 he founded New American Farm, putting together over 60,000 acres of grain production in the U.S. and forming strategic alliances with a few large agricultural companies, becoming much more involved in logistics and input supplies. After earning his MBA in 2007, Ben spent the next seven years in pure technology companies, leading software development teams, working for Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) on some of their biggest customer accounts, and leading business development efforts for a mobile application SaaS company. Working with teams from great companies like Microsoft, Sony, Cisco, and HP on a global basis provided for a very unique tech perspective across platforms and alliances. Agri-Data, which blends the best of technology and agriculture in one strong platform offering, was immediately exciting to Ben. “This technology, and this team, are uniquely positioned to bring immediate value to agriculture. And I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” While leading sales and marketing efforts, Ben will be on the forefront of the conversation about how Big Data is changing agriculture. He can be reached at

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