• Mar 23, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach, Amanda White to our growing Network!

    Amanda grew up on the family farm near Ridgedale, SK.  She loved being in the tractor and combine with her dad, for as long as she can remember.  When she finished school, she thought she wanted to live in the city…until she lived there.  It didn’t take her long to long for the farm again. 

    Amanda knew what she wanted to do, and decided to enter the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan.  When she graduated, she moved to Alberta with her husband Chris and her daughter.  Here, she spent a few years working in various oilfield and environmental jobs.  When the opportunity to move back home came up in 2005, they jumped at it and never looked back.  Amanda and family now farm with her dad, and are raising their three children back where they are supposed to be…in the house that Amanda grew up in.  They spend their weekends at Wapiti, a local ski hill, and every other moment at every hockey rink around. 

    Since coming back, Amanda has worked for a couple of line companies, as well as a local independent, where she developed some really close customer relationships.  She realized more and more each year, how much she loves agronomy and working with local farmers.  When seeking a way to do more of that, she met Agri-Coach Mark Gordon, and he asked her to join his Agri-Coaching business.  Amanda is really excited to join Mark, and the Agri-Trend Network!


  • Mar 19, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach®, Dave Thompson based in Wanham, AB to our growing Network!

    I was born on the sunny island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. During high school I discovered the passion for agriculture, with this new desire I went on to study my Bachelor's degree in Agronomical Engineering at the University of Ciego de Aliva in Cuba. Later, I earned my Masters in Animal Science at the Swine Research Institute in Havana Cuba. Over the years I have taught Agriculture Science to various educational levels. I worked internationally on large tropical fruit and mixed animal farms. Since moving to Canada I have worked as the Manager of Rural Development (Agricultural Fieldman, Extension Coordinator and Safety Coordinator) for one of Alberta's Municipal Districts. Also I worked as a Precision Agronomist/Safety Coordinator with Farmers Edge. I am passionate about helping producers to succeed in combining the latest science and technology to help produce food and fuel necessary to sustain Canada and the world. I am delighted and excited for the opportunity to be a part of the AGRI-TREND Network and feel confident that I will be able to provide value to my customers. I can relate to my clients as I have spent over 20 years in the industry. By interacting with producers and discussing my experience both locally and nationally, I can help producers to be more efficient and profitable. Being an Agri-Coach with AGRI-TREND is very beneficial as I can utilize the resources provided through the network of other professionals and like-minded agriculturalist to provide the best service for my clients. I will reside in the Peace Region of Alberta and British Columbia.

  • Mar 10, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach, James Brown with Vitalis Precision Ag, LLC based in Round Rock, TX to our growing Network!

    I was born in Galveston, Texas, on the island. I helped my Aunt and Uncle on their farm with corn, beans, and hogs. I also truck farmed tomatoes to subsidize my college education provided by the G.I. Bill. After graduating, I specialized in asexual propagation of 35 plant species from 1976-1981. I managed golf courses from 1981 until 1995 which involved all cultural practices on several varieties of grasses. I developed a consulting/contractor business which involved soil testing, prescribing fertilizers and IPM programs as well as physical construction and repairs to athletic surfaces. I utilized GPS and laser technology to assist 300 I.S.D.'s and 90 cities in the four state region. My knowledge of soils, fertilizers and associated chemistry is an asset that I use daily. I heard about AGRI-TREND through Michael DePew, who operates ETS, a lab that I have worked with on many school projects as well as several horse race tracks and rodeo arenas around the country. I sample, test, evaluate, and write prescriptions to help solve soil problems ranging from structural stability to chemical imbalances and cultivation practices. I think that as an Agri-Coach, my knowledge of soils, chemistry, and cultivation practices, combined with the Senior Agriculture Advisors provided by AGRI-TREND is a valuable asset. Anyone involved in an aggressive agricultural lifestyle or endeavor today has so much to navigate with new products, old problems and regulations. They know it takes a team to be successful. AGRI-TREND utilizing us as their boots on the ground and the senior advisors to develop spot on programs will help get the most production for the least cost.

  • Mar 10, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach, Michael DePew with Vitalis Precision Ag, LLC based in Tekonsha, MI to our growing Network!

    While a Michigan native, my father's job with the federal government during my childhood led us to many areas of the US spanning from the Midwest to the West, South, Mid-South, Northern Plains, and East Coast. During my youth I worked at several ag businesses including a cattle farm (as well as our own cattle), horse farm, truck farm operation, and Agway-plant breeding. I have also kept sheep since my teenage years and still currently have a sheep flock; my own children having actively shown sheep in 4H. My agronomic career has mainly been in the role of a consultant which has consisted of many projects located throughout the US as well as international. Some of my specialized work with salinity and halophytes has led to invitations for presentations in the middle east (Qatar and Dubai), Sicily and Italy, Germany, Morocco, Antigua, and Mexico. This work also led to the development of four plant patents for halophytic grasses. For the last 15 years I have been active in ASTM and have developed several published standards for athletic fields and equestrian footings. With the software and technology advancements in the precision ag industry, the barriers for entry to producers are diminishing and I feel that the timing is right for the expansion of my work into precision agriculture. Optimizing crop inputs through variable rate technology is a critical aspect in efficient, profitable production of commodities. Efficient crop production protocols are important for a farmer in order to maximize capital returns during times of both high commodity prices and low commodity prices. I am excited to be part of the AGRI-TREND team at Vitalis Precision Ag, to offer practical agronomic advice based upon a sound precision ag platform in conjunction with the experience and knowledge of the AGRI-TREND network.

  • Mar 5, 2015
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome new AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach, Taylor Pulvermacher with Gooseneck Implement based in Williston, ND to our growing Network!

    Taylor grew up on and is still involved with his family's small grains and cow/calf operation in the northwest corner of North Dakota near the town of Crosby. While Taylor was in high school he was involved in 4H and received many awards such as the Family and Community Education (FCE) award and the Outstanding Community Service award. While in college Taylor worked in the area as a commercial applicator for Divide County Weed Control Board and a local retailer gaining hands-on knowledge of chemicals and weed identification. Taylor attended North Dakota State University graduating with Bachelor of Science in Crop & Weed Science in December 2014. Taylor believes AGRI-TREND provides a great network of training and support that will help him succeed as an Agri-Coach and help farmers throughout Gooseneck Implement's service area. Taylor will be working out of Gooseneck's Williston, ND store. One of Taylor's biggest hobbies is leatherworking and has received the Ann Stohlman Youth award recognizing his leather crafting abilities.


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