• Nov 14, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome: Taylor Stroh as AGRI-TREND® Market-Coach® based in Fargo, ND to our growing network!

    Taylor grew up in the Red river valley and attended NDSU in Fargo for Business Administration with a focus on Finance, Accounting and Business Law. While attending NDSU he began working with farmers helping them market their crops. He has also worked with investors in the futures markets trading grains, energies and the soft markets. Taylor started as a broker with a marketing company and quickly became their Director of Marketing and Technology, overseeing the company and clients positions and risk in the market. He has worked with Ag bankers and marketing groups all over North and South Dakota and Minnesota helping educate farmers to help their businesses make decisions in the markets and their cash sales. Taylor is excited to start with AGRI-TREND and continue to help farmers market their grain and increase their profitability.

  • Oct 30, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome: Lee Slykerman AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® with Green Iron Equipment based in LaMoure, ND to our growing network!

    Lee grew up a small dairy farm near Grand Rapids, ND. He has helped his family raising cattle and crops from an early age. As a member of 4H and FFA, Lee participated in crop and cattle judging while in high school. In 2007 his team finished first at state convention for crop judging. Crop judging involves weed/seed identification and evaluating grain samples for quality. After high school Lee attended NDSU in Fargo where he obtained his degree in Crop and Weed Science with a minor in Agricultural Business with the intention of getting a job in agronomy after college. Lee also recently obtained his CCA. He worked in a retail business as a sales agronomist for 2.5 years and was a field scout for all 4 years of college. He feels that this gives him a solid foundation to continue his career as an Agri-Coach at Green Iron Equipment. Lee enjoys hunting for deer, waterfowl, coyotes, pheasant and fishing when not working. Lee currently lives on a farm northeast of LaMoure that once belonged to his grandparents. He enjoys working with farmers; from being in the field, helping them develop fertilizer recommendations and manage their data. Lee is excited to be a part of Green Iron Equipment and the AGRI-TREND coaching network to be able to work together to make farmers in SE North Dakota and NW South Dakota more profitable.

  • Oct 20, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome: Joshua Emhoff as AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® with Atlantic Tractor based in Salisbury, MD to our growing network!

    Josh grew up in western Pennsylvania on a small farm with horses, cattle, and other livestock. After completing a B.Sc. in Biology from Grove City College in Grove City, PA, he moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland where he began his agricultural career. After seven years with Perdue Farms as a Flock Supervisor on integrated poultry farms, he took a position with the University of Maryland Extension as a Nutrient Management Advisor. Both positions have enabled Josh to understand and appreciate the various farming practices on the Eastern Shore, as well as the environmental and production challenges that exist in this area of the mid-Atlantic region. Having recently completed an MBA through the University of MD, Josh then moved into a management position for Atlantic Tractor in Salisbury, MD. Josh will continue to work for Atlantic Tractor, now in the role of Agri-Coach for AGRI-TREND. With a thorough understanding of the needs of the local clients and a strong ability to foster relationships, Josh can easily meet the needs of his customers. AGRI-TREND’s unbiased position will provide an excellent resource to clients throughout the Eastern Shore, and the wealth of data and support that AGRI-TREND can provide will enable Josh to be highly effective in growing this service in the Mid-Atlantic region. Josh currently lives in Salisbury, MD with his wife and three children and looks forward to bringing the AGRI-TREND line of services to the Delmarva Peninsula and all of Atlantic Tractor’s territory.

  • Oct 16, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® Business Management is pleased to welcome: Elaine Froese as AGRI-TREND® Senior Business-Coach™ based in Boissevain, MB to our growing network!

    Elaine Froese is a farm family coach who specializes in helping people in agriculture work through issues surrounding succession, business continuance communication. Faith Today Magazine has dubbed Elaine “Canada’s Farm Whisperer”. For more than 30 years, Elaine has worked with families in business; and now she’s coaching the next generation. A catalyst for change, Elaine’s clients get results when they start meeting, and talking, about the tough issues, the bull in the middle of the room: The Undiscussabulls. With passion and practicality, Elaine gives people the specific tools and action steps they need to move forward. Many of her clients say: “I wish I had met you 10 years ago.” She is excited about working with AGRI-TREND’s Business-Coaches and encouraging all farmers in the AGRI-TREND network. A farm family coach, with certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Elaine also has several years of experience in conflict resolution and mediation, as well as a degree in Home Economics. She mediates for the Farm Debt Mediation Service. She is an award-winning author of 3 books: Planting the Seed of Hope: A Celebration of Prairie Life , Do the Tough Things Right, and Farming’s In-law Factor. Elaine writes a regular agricultural column for Grainews, Progressive Dairyman and previously appeared on Canada’s national AgVision TV. Elaine is skilled at helping agricultural families and businesses in transition. Her expertise as a professional speaker is sought after across Canada, the U.S. , Mexico, and Australia. She currently farms with her family in southwestern Manitoba with her husband and married son. Like you, Elaine understands agriculture and wants a happy family. Visit

  • Oct 16, 2014
    AGRI-TREND® USA is pleased to welcome: Caleb Little as AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® based in Hazel, KY to our growing network!

    I grew up in Tuscola, IL on a farm that was involved in production of corn, soybeans, hay, and cattle. I was involved in high school football and college rodeo throughout my educational career. I have completed my bachelor’s degree and am just finishing the process of completing my Master’s Degree in Agri-Business at Murray State University. I still take part in the family cattle business and have been involved in row crop production my whole life. My father, brother and I currently have 60 head of Corriente cows that we raise calves to lease/contract out for rodeos and ropings and then sell them as bred heifers to profit from. We also have 70 other Corriente cows that are cross bred with a Romagnola beef bull that raise and sell at 400-500 pounds to be finished out. My father also farms around 500 acres in central Illinois. 100 acres of that ground is being grown in either alfalfa hay or alfalfa/grass mixture. Throughout my college career I was fortunate enough to work for Tripp Furches in Murray, Kentucky. Tripp farms around 5000 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat. He also does custom spreading and hauling for other customers. I have been privileged enough to operate almost all of the machinery besides the combines which are operated by other employees. While in school for a summer I was able to become an intern for Agrigold Seed Corn where I was responsible for collecting data from corn plots and roadside advertising. I collected data which involved population of the varieties, emergence and vigor ratings, among other information that was requested. While being an intern, I was responsible for cold calling potential Agrigold customers and reaching out to sell the Agrigold brand to create more business for the company. I became aware of the AGRI-TREND position from Austin Joseph, another AGRI-TREND employee. Austin and I share the same outlook on the AGRI-TREND Network and believe it is a great way for farmers to become aware of the economic values and precision practices to create a more profitable business for every farmer. I plan and attend to reside in the Murray/Mayfield Kentucky area as a new employee of the AGRI-TREND Network.

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